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Often, many students are experiencing their first time studying abroad or even just flying to a different country. And even the most diligent of people can make mistakes such as misplacing a passport while staying in a hotel or spraining an ankle while learning a cultural dance. Needless to say, trying new and exciting things is all part of the experience of going abroad— but that doesn’t mean you should have to worry about losing key items or getting sick while enjoying your stay. Student travel insurance ensures that all your bases are covered, so you can spend time enjoying yourself than worrying about coverage and the high amounts of money that you may have to pay in case of emergency.

Though not all student travel insurances are the same, there are a few key things to look for: injury and sickness coverage, stolen or misplaced visas and passport replacement, canceled-trip reimbursement, lost luggage coverage, medical evacuation payment, and natural disaster support.

  • Passport and credit card coverage helps you get expedited services in terms of replacing your important documentation. Some insurance policies also offer situation cash the you are able to use until your credit card is replaced and back in your hands.
  • Medical and dental coverage cover you in paying for any treatments that you may need while traveling and also reimburses you any cash that may have to be spent out of your pocket for receiving such treatments.
  • Trip Cancellation or Early Interruption coverage gives appropriate funds for return flights in case you need to get back home in instances of covered emergencies.
  • Travel assistance coverage provides a designated person who can offer quick advice on finding doctors and hospitals in the area of your stay, and generally are in charge of helping you with any of the other things listed.

These are just a few things that students should look for when hunting for a reliable and all-covering insurance plan.

However, there are a few things that almost every health insurance will absolutely not cover. The major one is pre-existing medical issues; if you do have a preexisting condition, it must be declared upfront as failure to do so can invalidate your insurance all together. Alcohol and drug abuse is another issue that is not covered. Anything that happens while intoxicated or under they influence is not covered by insurance, so always do smart decisions when traveling.

In terms of the timing of when you should purchase student travel insurance relies heavily on when you are looking to travel. Normally you should purchase this insurance as soon as you have made your first payments for the trip (this ca include tuition that needs to be paid to an overseas school or even the plane ticket itself). Purchasing travel insurance early often times also allows for the longest period of cancellation coverage in case you are no longer able to go on the trip.

Lastly, there are generally three different types of travel insurance and is based on the length of your travel. Firstly, single trip coverage normal covers a single trip of up to roughly 90 days to a single country; traveling to additional countries often requires addition coverage purchase, but this is entirely dependent upon the insurer so make sure to confirm with a company. The second is multi-trip coverage which covers a number of trips for 12 months, with a duration of about 50 days per trip. This is the most affordable for students who are traveling abroad for a short time. The last type is backpacker insurance which offers continuous, 2 year coverage and is intended for students who plan on studying abroad for an extended period of time.

Regardless the type of insurance you require, being insured when you’re going to travel is a must for a peace-of-mind, hassle free trip.