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Traveling should be a hassle free and enjoyable experience, without having to worry about medical bills in case you get sick or injured. International students in the U.S. and abroad often have to face highly expensive costs if requesting medical treatment when not insured. However, international health insurance gets rid of this cumbersome worry by providing both illness and accident coverage; this also includes assisting you in finding a doctor and helping your pay for any treatments that you may require.

But student travel insurance doesn’t just cover health related problems; they also assist student travelers in all types of situations such as theft and lost luggage.

Non-US students studying in the United States are all required to have student insurance to even register for the classes they wish to take at a host university. The convenient aspect of this, however, is that many universities offer insurance plans for students to simply enroll into without having to directly speak with an insurance company. Though most universities do offer this route, some simply do not and students must purchase medical insurance on their own.

If university-provided coverage costs a bit too much or is simply not provided, then students also have the option of purchasing standard insurance policies from outside sources, so long as the policy satisfies all the minimum requirements for the university. It is always best to check your university website to check which requirements must be satisfied before an insurance policy is accepted; there’s no point in buying expensive insurance if even the minimum requirements are not fulfilled!

Student travel insurance, especially ones that aim to cover students studying abroad, should offer coverage for things such as illness, missed flights theft, or any other unexpected international emergencies. Some insurance plans also offer 24- hour hotline help with a multilingual speaker for prompt and efficient help in cases of serious emergencies. Needless to say, not all insurances are the same, so always make sure to do some research and find out what is in fact covered before purchasing it.

Needless to say, all students (especially those traveling abroad) should look into being properly insured.