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How to Find The Right Car Insurance Companies Near You

Finding an affordable and reliable car insurance near you can be quite the undertaking. With the sheer number of options, each with their own pricing, customer service quality, and coverage details, its no wonder that many people simply pick the first car insurance that they come across. However, this may not be the best option for people who are looking to save money; with the various options available, car insurance companies are in fact competing to get as many customers as possible. And this means more savings for consumers who are actively reviewing multiple car insurance companies, and comparing them for the best price and quality. Therefore, the following are a few key things to be on the lookout when searching for a car insurance company near you.

Finding Car Insurance Providers Online

Looking through insurance provider websites is one of the best ways to find out where exactly they provide insurance coverage. However, for some it may require a bit of digging around, clicking through numerous links, some of which may lead you to an address of where the company’s home office is based but not a list of which states they provide car insurance in.

Often times, however, even after sifting through numerous big company websites, you may find to your dismay that there are no major, reputable companies based in your state. Does this mean you should give up on finding insurance that is right for you? Of course not! Though these companies may not be based in the state you live in, many will often extend their insurance policies outside of where they’re based to other areas around the country.

If doing this research is taking up more time than you thought, there are also numerous online insurance “finders” that will compile a list of insurance providers in your area, and all you have to provide is your home zip code. These automated car insurance compilers are extremely convenient for individuals who just want a quick breakdown of what’s out there, their pricing, and general customer reviews regarding their services. And the best part is that these online tools normally provide quotes free of charge.

What to Look For

When searching for insurance, or even after you’ve compiled a list of car insurance companies, you have to narrow down your list, and usually this comes in part by defining what it is you’re looking for. Do you want lower premiums? A lower deposit? Do you want a more extensive coverage for a greater cost? Maybe you’re looking for a company that offers discounts for safe drivers? Or a company that has a long history of having great customer service? The list can go on for a while, so being certain in what it is you’re looking for can make the process much smoother.

And often, the single most important thing to look for is the reputability of the insurance company. Obviously a company that has many bad reviews or complaints doesn’t care much for its consumer base; and imagine having an accident while under a policy from a neglecting insurance company. Also, look for the company’s financial stability; if the company has been shown to have dips and highs in terms of finances, there is a possibility that the company could go bankrupt, leaving you without insurance and forcing you to repeat your search for car insurance again.

Also, another important aspect to look for in an auto insurance is whether or not the insurance company provides ways for its customers to save a bit of money through discounts. And luckily for consumers, there are many ways people can save money when deciding on an auto insurance.

Discounts Provided

One of the biggest discounts that many companies offer is a safe driving discount. Some of these discounts include anywhere from a five to ten percent reduction in premiums for taking a safe driving course, or being accident free for a specified length of time. Though not all providers will do this, those that do will help you save a lot of money just for being a responsible driver!

Another thing to look for is the limits on the provided coverage. Some people will try to save a bit of money by lowering their amount of coverage, but in the long run, this may not be the best option, especially if you find yourself in an accident that isn’t covered fully. So always look for full coverage car insurance that is also reasonably priced, helping you save some money while preventing any future headaches if a mishap were to occur.

Lastly, some insurance companies will decrease your rates depending on your current circumstances. For example, if you find yourself not having to drive too often or only having to drive a few miles every now and then, insurance companies are more than happy to reduce your rates because you’re not as much of a risk. Married couples can also get lower rates from an insurance provider, so asking an agent what their policies are will bring in much needed discounts and saving options.

Types of Coverage Provided

Needless to say, the type of insurance that you’re looking for will greatly impact the amount you will be paying on your premiums. This partly comes from the fact that not all insurance companies have great claim results for liability coverage and/or collision and comprehensive coverage. Therefore, certain companies will offer better rates for a certain type of claim, but have ridiculously high prices for another, which should affect which insurance company you stick with depending on your needs.

And in case you’re unsure of the difference between these three types of coverage, the following gives a brief breakdown for each:

  • Liability coverage: this type covers any expenses related to bodily injury to either yourself or a second party. Most states require that a driver have at least the minimum amount of liability insurance, although often times the minimum will not be enough to cover the full amount if an accident does occur.
  • Collision coverage: helps pay off damages occurred to your car if you hit another vehicle or some stationary object like a tree or railing.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: as the title suggests, this type of coverage truly is comprehensive; covering anything outside of an accident. This includes theft, fire, and weather damage.

Needless to say, these three coverage types are very different from each other, and depending on where you live, getting one type of coverage may be better than the others.


Finding insurance in your area is no longer difficult thanks to the power of the internet. There are numerous online resources that will give you quick and accurate quotes, as well as the benefits and disadvantages of going with a particular insurance company over the other. And the best part is that many of these resources are absolutely free. Once you find insurance providers in your area, the next step is determining what it is you’re looking for in an insurance policy. Doing adequate research in advance will save a lot of time and money, and will give you the peace of mind knowing that you have a reliable car insurance!